JARW Common Lisp Library

This is my own library of common functions and idioms. It includes a thin compatibility layer for implementation dependant features.

It includes the following packages:

provides idoms such as while and when-bind as well as functions to convert between different ways of implementing mappings in common lisp.
provides io functions including printing readably CLOS classes and other LISP structures, for managing temporary files, logging operations, and io operations for reading and writing standard internet style headers on streams.
provides operations for splitting and joining lidts from strings, word wrapping, string concatenation, folding strings on line breaks, the Boyer-Moore-Horspool search algorithm, algorithms for creating prefix tables and doing efficient prefix matches against that table, and conversion to and from Roman numerals
main extensible library for converting strings (from external sources such as users or internet protocols) into internal data types (parse-input) according to type conversion specifications and, to convert internal types into strings (format-output) with the same conversion specification
utilities for hierarchical property sets.
Search indexing API and keyword searching
some mathematical functions
Implementation of the unix crypt function in COmmon Lisp
exports the MOP API

It is available as a tar archive or the latest development version may be retrieved using the GIT Version control system using

git clone http://www.jarw.org.uk/lisp/cl-jarw.git

It is dependant on the following additional Common Lisp libraries: